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Welcome……Thanks for Joining Me

Well as WordPress says…..Welcome to my blog.

To get some stuff out of the way…..My name is Mark(I’m 29 by the way) and I’m one of the two founders of…….well that’s part of the problem actually.

I’m starting a wine company with my brother in law Matt(he’s 37).Yeah, yeah I know starting a business in this bad economy can’t be a good idea right? Consumer spending continues to well…..suck and high end wine is certainly a luxery item. Well seeing how my real estate venture has imploded completely I have plenty of time on my hands, Matt has some time on his hands right now as well…..that’s not my story to tell though.

I think this blog could be interesting for people on a couple of levels, to start it will give me a chance to organize my thoughts about the entire process, I hope it can spur conversation about wine, business and family which are 3 of my favorite things….well at least 2 of them are at all times. I also hope it can help potential customers get to know me and maybe even Matt at some point.

Why get to know me? To start I’m more of a shy guy then my business partner/brother in law in person. Meet us on Twitter, Facebook or in person and I guarantee you’ll feel like you’ve known Matt longer….unless you’ve read my blog for some time.

Ok so I mentioned that we don’t have a business name yet…..very true. We’ve used “California Wine Shippers” when we’ve had to give one to talk to people. Honestly I’m not a big fan on a couple of levels. First, it doesn’t sound special. Secondly I think we need “Wine Club” as part of the title if a US based wine club is going to be our first major business operation because of search engine optimization(SEO)…..yes I work on SEO some on a daily basis.

So what’s the plan for us? We want to start offering high end wine to customers that cannot necessarily find high end wine where they live, or they don’t want to spend the time to sort out what actually is high end wine…..buying wine simply on price is usually a losing proposition. Plus, we’ve both had some bad experiences with some of the bigger wine clubs out there. All of them start out offering decent stuff, but profit margin always seems to get in the way at some point. Stopping that from happening is a challenge for a different time….having tons of monthly paying wine club members would be a nice problem to have.

I should mention we both live in California, so Napa, Sonoma and Central Coast(i.e. Paso Robles, Santa Barbara) wineries will be our first features, although we hope to be successful enough to move beyond those at some point soon.

Without giving away our entire business plan let’s say we have some rather unique ideas that haven’t(and won’t) be discussed here until they come to fuition.

Well I think that is probably enough to start. We hope you’ll continue to come back for more information until the launch of our official site and wine club. If you have any questions or suggestions…..please contact me!

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