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So Why Wine?

One of the questions I get from friends when I discuss starting this wine venture is: Why do you find wine so interesting? Why not beer, or food or gardening, or vodka?

To start, I love wine. I’m not the most knowledgeable person right now, but I know what I like and I am starting to have a really, really good idea what everyone else likes as well.

I also find it interesting that wine, unlike most everything else is bought almost exclusively based on price and other people’s opinions. Very rarely does anyone try a wine, just to try it. Most casual wine drinkers(even those with big budgets fall into a couple of different catagories, since everyone purchases in some way based on price.


1) Hey, if it’s under $10(or $20, or $100 based on your income) and the bottle sucks, I can throw it down the drain and not worry about it.

2) Some people will shop at wine stores looking for the best rated bottle under $20(Yes, this is me). Robert Parker 92 points for $19.95, ok sounds good!

The interesting thing about this type of shopping is that we sometimes miss out on, or easily forget bottles or wineries which we peculiarly like. A great example of this is my wife. When she was first out of college and starting to enjoy decent wine we found a bottle of Merlot that we both quite liked. It is from Rutherford Hill winery in Napa. It’s typically scored in the 86-90 range from Wine Spectator and Robert Parker, not something which is considered a “Great” bottle of wine, but something you can serve at dinner on Wednesday night and everyone will be happy with it.

Every so often we’ll come back to it and remember that although it isn’t the highest rated bottle, but hey we like it a lot.

Wine to me should be something that is enjoyed and everyone has different tastes. Part of the enjoyment to me is learning about your palate and learning the types of wines that you enjoy and how those wines can be combined with food to make them taste even better.

One of our goals is to help people prepare 5 star meals at home using our wine selections for the price of eating a 2 star meal.

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