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Enjoying the Experience

Enjoying the Experience

One of the things that a lot of people miss out on regarding wine is the entire experience of tasting at the winery and all that can come along with it.

My wife and I spent a couple of nights a couple of years ago at South Coast Winery (http://www.wineresort.com/) in Temecula. Why think of this so long after the fact, well my business partner Matt may be tasting today at the Ferry Building in San Francisco and I was reminiscing about one of my favorite tasting memories.

Temecula doesn’t yet produce world class quality wine, but there are a number of offerings which are getting close to that level.

My wife and I stayed at South Coast, frankly because it is, last I checked, the only Temecula winery which has a restaurant and hotel on site.

It’s a nice trip for those in Southern California, or anyone visiting. Temecula is about 90 minutes north of downtown San Diego. Before you ask, no I have no idea how many miles. We measure driving distance in time in Southern California because of traffic, I know that’s different then the rest of the country.

Some highlights of the trip-tasting on site, a great 1000sq foot room basically in the middle of the vines, a nice massage and some time tanning by the pool.

Being able to enjoy wine, but also part of the lifestyle of the vineyards, being able to get away for a few nights and relax is something that I greatly enjoy.

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