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Chicken or the Egg?

One of the things my business partner and I have discussed over the past couple days comes down to the chicken and the egg for me.

How do you approach potential customers without having wineries already signed up and ready to ship?

How do you approach wineries without having a customer base to start with?

I think I now see why most, if not all successful wine clubs are started by wineries or companies that have brick and mortar stores.

I think there are a few ways around that on each side of the equation……but it is an extremely difficult problem to solve.

On the bright side we are moving forward with our federal paperwork.

Another chicken and egg question though comes up:

When do you file paperwork to ship directly to each state? Before you have customers? You increase your financial risk in doing so. After you find paying customers there? You risk alienating those new customers if it takes 60+ days for them to receive their first shipment.

Interesting questions all and it isn’t like there is a business plan out there that can answer them for us.

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