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What’s in a Name?

Grapes on the vine, Napa CA.  Winery to be named later!As grapes mature and begin to be ready for harvest, we hope a business does as well.   Picture from my business partner Matt and his recent trip to Napa.  Winery to be named later 🙂

So I’ve written about a lack of a name before…..well no longer, maybe.

Uncorked Ventures.

I actually like it quite a bit and we’ve purchased the URL. I think our wine club will carry a more SEO friendly name iteself, but for a wine company Uncorked Ventures is a good start.

If we come up with something better, great! If not, both Matt and I are fairly comfortable with it. Additionally we’re anxious to get started and having a name is the first step.

We’ve also set up a Twitter feed which you should be able to see along the right hand side of this blog. I’ll continue to update the blog with daily thoughts, but I’ll use Twitter for a more immediate update to what we’re doing. We’ll also be setting up a FaceBook account, feel free to become a fan.

So what’s next? Well we’re beginning to work on our website, with the goal of having it finished within 2 weeks. During that time I’m going to be starting to form an interest list for a couple of different wine clubs: An exclusive ultra high end club with extremely limited enrollment(think 50 people max), a more mid-range club and an entry level club.

It’s an interesting time, I’m happy to have a name and be starting to make progress.

We’re also on the verge of signing an agreement with our first winery.

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