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A rough Monday

One of the things I struggle with most is exactly how much personal and family oriented news I share on this blog. I know for myself I want to get to know bloggers and what is going on their lives. I’ll share some details-but not fine details.

That being said I spent much of yesterday at the hospital after a family member had a fairly severe car accident. They’re fine and recovering after surgery, but a t-bone car accident is scary, especially when you see the results.

In other news we’ve officially moved forward in the wine business. Paperwork has been filed with the feds for our EIN and the ABC in California. One of the reasons I really enjoy having a business partner already is that Matt has already picked up the slack in areas where I’m not as competent, or in the case of yesterday when I’m unavailable.

I’m also happy to discuss the other part of our business at this time:

In addition to our US based wine club we’re planning on exporting wine to Central and South America.

A lot of you are thinking, why there?

To start there is an emerging culinary scene in places like Bogota, Buenos Aires, Rio and many others, without any significant presence of US wine.

The consumer base is growing, but of course finding restaurants, stores and other places to sell the wine for us will be a continual challenge.

We’re working toward a 3rd quarter wine release, likely in September as well as another in December. Hopefully after those two releases go well we’ll have a shipment heading south in January.

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