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Website and Other Thoughts

Website and Other Goings On

Over the past couple of days I’ve had some time to think about possible bonuses and pitfalls of starting this family owned business. Of course the most obvious bonus is that I get to spend a lot of time with my business partner/brother in law Matt who I greatly admire, respect and I definitely enjoy our time together.

The flip side of this is, of course, what if something goes wrong? I think the two of us have fairly complimentary skill sets and approaches to the business so that isn’t quite as likely as it is with other partnerships, but it is definitely a concern for other family members, especially both of our wives. The last thing either of us would want to do would be to tear apart what is a strong vibrant family dynamic.

So we’re moving forward with the website today. Copy is getting written, pictures are being uploaded and new email accounts have already been set up. Another change that may happen fairly quickly is that the URL for this blog may be moved to a sub-domain of our company website.

Something like:

http://www.uncorkedventures.com/MarkBlog or whatever. Like I’ve said before I hate having to name stuff.

Over the next week or so our website should be operational. If you’re interested in one of our wine clubs, please sign up for our interest list. You’ll be guaranteed a spot in the club(s) of your choosing plus it will give us some idea about how large our first purchase of wine needs to be.

It’s an exciting time and one I think we’ll remember for a long time, especially if we’re able to get some positive results off the bat.

We’re confident, not overly confident though. It’s rare for a wine club to grow from social media(Facebook, this blog, Twitter) and from organic search engine traffic. Search engine traffic is something I haven’t discussed here at any length, but getting somewhere on the first page of Google’s search results for a couple of different keywords would certainly give us the type of jumpstart we dream about.

Hope you all are doing well. Please leave any comments or suggestions as you have them!

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