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New wine regions……good for us!

To start I wanted to thank Barry Moltz for stopping by and leaving my first comment. Kind of nice to get a comment from the author of a book that has helped me out along the way so far.

As always when writing a daily blog it can be hard to find inspiration when you really need it….like each and every morning especially when you’re writing a whole bunch of other stuff throughout the day…..website copy, FB profile etc etc

I’ve often heard that areas of the world that produce the most wine, also import the most wine. That is to say that once an area starts to produce wine they will soon begin to import higher and higher amounts. To some people this is counter-intuitive. Why not drink your own stuff first? Well we all do and our tastes are affected by what we drink most often.

That being said I have the utmost respect for California wine, especially from Napa and the Central Coast. However, I can still enjoy the great choices from France, Italy and many others such as Argentina and Spain.

I bring this up because I saw an interesting website today:

Wines From Brazil

It’s always nice to think that the world’s 9th largest economy is starting to get serious about wine. I’ll also point out that the website is written in English, not Portuguese. They are clearly wanting to export their wine, I say great! Just don’t be surprised when a few years from now your wine drinking population is clamoring for the classic choices from Bordeaux, Tuscany and Napa.

Of course everyone wants China into the wine game somehow-perhaps we should encourage them to find a nice Mediterranean climate in their own country so they can start producing their own vintages.

It’s just a thought. I’ll have a more significant post about Dumol Winery tomorrow.

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