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Washington Wineries….McCrea Cellars is a Standout

With the recent news that the wine bloggers conference will be taking place in Wala Wala Washington in 2010 it got me thinking about Washington state wineries. Well at first it got me thinking that all of those people from the east coast are going to have a brutal travel day to get there(Wala Wala is a 4 hour drive from Portland which is the closest major airport) but then I thought that it was great to see the conference move to an area with an expanding wine region in terms of both quantity and quality.

Many California residents are still getting used to the idea that wineries in the central coast are producing world class wines so needless to say wineries from Oregon and Washington don’t get the credit that they deserve.

One of the Washington wineries which I think many people miss out on is McCrea Cellars.

McCrea Cellars Syrah Amerique

As many of you know I enjoy a good family story and if you look at the McCrea Cellars website you’ll see that the winery itself is owned by two couples with the McCrea’s handeling the winemaking and the Neal’s handling the marketing and other facets of running a winery from afar.

So why would I love to do business with the winery?  To start they’re a family business like we hope to be-successful over the long term.  Secondly many of our wine club customers and certainly our export customers would not have the chance to try any of their wine normally.  That itself is a shame because to me and many other reviewers the winery has a hard time making a bad wine.

Some other general info about the winery:

They were named a top 100 winery nationally by Food and Wine magazine in 2007.

They grow 10 of the 22 varitals of French grapes, the most in Washington state.

One thing that struck me when I read over the information available about the winery is that they took the time to explain each type of grape on their website.  If they take that much care in print, it’s no wonder it transfers to their care for their final product.

So what should you be drinking from McCrea? Many of their wines routinely rate 90+ points, however my favorite of the bunch currently available:

The Orleans
Their 2004 Syrah, Curvee Orleans is an inspiring Syrah which comes off quite different then many of the Syrah’s I’ve tasted in the past.  To me the Washington Syrah’s which are typically grown in colder climate’s then their California counterparts come off smoother with simplier berry flavors.  I don’t feel overpowered like I do with some Syrah.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short review and will consider buying a bottle/case from McCrea Cellars and also joining one of the Uncorked Ventures wine clubs.

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