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More Chicken, More Egg

That old chicken and the egg problem is surfacing again:

A couple of facts for you to start:

1) Our interest list is growing.
2) Our outreach to wineries is going exceedingly well.

Add those two up and you’d think we’d be pretty darn happy with ourselves, right? Kind of yeah.

Truthfully though having a response from wineries which has frankly exceeded our wildest dreams has started to apply the pressure to grow our interest list and to provide these great wines to the public is growing.

When we first got started I thought that I would have a couple of months to work on search engine placement and set up other means of obtaining our initial business. Given the level of interest by pretty much every winery we’ve spoken with though I’m feeling the pressure to start producing real paying customers. We realize the wine club business is competitive and we only get one shot to provide great wine to customers. We had thought finding top notch wine at the right price would be the difficult part, that hasn’t been the case thus far. Our interest list is larger then we had initially thought we’d have at this stage-but we never thought we’d have access to such a great product so early in our club.

Overall it is a good thing, yesterday was a good day on the search engine front. We’ve officially moved Uncorked Ventures from a Google page rank N/A…..all the way to a Google page rank of 0. Doesn’t sound like much to the wine connoisseur reading this blog, but the Google page rank system effectively functions like the Richter scale for earthquakes….a 1 is actually 10 times bigger then a 0 which is 10 times greater then a N/A.

I’ve have a number of other things to finish up on the website front this morning: Adding more accurate Title tags to each page, adding Meta tags(in case they still matter to Yahoo and Bing, yes I know Google doesn’t care) and setting up this wonderful blog(as well as my business partners) so that each entry is actually its own page.

As always we hope you’ll join us over at Uncorked Ventures and sign up for our interest list. We’re debating when the appropiate time to announce our first group of wineries is, although we realize this will help our interest list grow and give us a much larger level of respectability….we don’t want to jump the gun and announce too soon.

We’re very much looking forward to our September shipment. I feel like this is really our time. Putting the long hours now will lead to the type of business I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

Almost forgot to add, I have a Sterling Reserve 2004 Cab waiting for me later….that should be the best part of the day!

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