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Central Coast Wineries

Probably a short blog today, but I’ll soften everyone up for Matt’s blog later on today/tomorrow.

Going into this past week we’d heard a lot of good things about Paso Robles and the wine industry in the central coast in general. I spent some time in Santa Barabara so when Matt started telling me how friendly a work environment it would be to work with wineries from the region, I was not surprised. I’ve had a few people tell me that the central coast reminds them quite a bit of living in the midwest because the people are friendly and everyone knows everyone. It’s certainly not what people picture when they think of California, farm land and small towns although the beach is as beautiful as any I’ve ever seen.

Aside from generally liking the peole I also heard a lot of great things about the wine that they are producing. Plenty of people are familar with Turley, but there are plenty of other producers putting out truly exceptional wine.

In many ways this is an area we’ll look to work with more in the future. We don’t want to simply be sending monthly wine shipments that people can get in their local wine store, so featuring some outstanding wineries from the central coast, some of which don’t even work with a distributor, is going to be a very good thing for our clients as well as the wineries themselves.

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