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Why We Love Wine

One of the reasons why I prefer wine to beer is that each bottle from the same winemaker and vineyard is different year after year. You can get interesting taste arrangements that you weren’t necessarily suspecting.

I enjoy the fact that you never know exactly what you’re going to get, often you’re pleasantly surprised and sometimes you’re disappointed.

This comes to mind because Northern California had an unusual weather year in 2008. There were substantial fires in June 2008 which is peculiarly worrisome because as most of us know summer is the main growing season for grapes.

How much of that smoke was trapped in the fruit? I’ve heard that some grapes trapped a significant amount of it and no matter how much the juice has been filtered, all of it cannot be removed.

To me, we all need to be aware that this could be a problem with the 2008 vintage. We’ll find out which micro climates were affected and which were not. We’ll learn which winemakers are the true class of their region based on how they handle what could be an extremely difficult situation…..or it could be nothing.

That’s part of the fun with wine.

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