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Business Update + Napa Trip

Before I get into the fun stuff, business is getting in the way. Had the best conversation to date with my business partner Matt this morning about our priorities moving forward. As I’ve said before we have different perspectives and frankly it makes for a lively discussion, but adding the two viewpoints together in a constructive way, which we’ve been able to do to this point, should give us the maximum chances for really growing this business into something we can be proud of.

Basically the decisions come down to how we should be structuring our time. Do we focus on efforts which will make the business grow best 1 month from now? Or do we focus efforts on what will make the business grow best 3-6 months from now?

Yes, we’ll be doing both without trying to overdo either side of the page. It is nice to have a firm to-do list though as we both have plenty on our individual to-do lists.

Not surprisingly, given I’ve been responsible for the website and most of the SEO, I’m more accustomed to looking farther out. My wife would agree that I’m not the best with smaller daily details(did I add milk to the grocery list after I drank the end of it?) but that is something that Matt is excellent at. Making a structured list of what needs to happen in order to get to the bottom line as well as setting up intermediate steps along the way.

It’s a good partnership on a number of levels.

In more fun news we are scheduling our meetings for our two day trip to wine country. We’re planning on visits to 2-3 wineries per day….hopefully with time for lunch.

We’ve scheduled both Copain and Cornerstone Cellars already and are waiting on confirmation from 2 other wineries we’ve already spoken with. We’ll be adding a 5th winery as well for a time slot on Wed Aug 13th. It’s bound to be an exciting trip filled with outstanding wine and people. I’m especially looking forward to visiting a nice range of well known wineries as well as up and coming wineries that haven’t been noticed for their great product as of yet. We’ll have a lot to discuss and relay once we arrive home as well.

Thank you for reading-if you’re in the Napa area on the night of Aug 12th and are interested in meeting my business partner and I for dinner…..let me know.

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