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Birthday Part 2

So I had another sort of birthday dinner last night with my wife and in laws. We celebrated with my favorite meal arroz con pollo (chicken and rice with saffron) a bottle of St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon and various starters as well as mighty good cherry cheesecake, which evidently we neglected to get a photo of before it was cut into pieces- the Wagon Wheel Restaurant makes some of the best pies in all of Southern California.

Arroz con Pollo

A quick review of the wine which retails for between $22 and $27 depending on where you buy it. It was well received by everyone, it is a big Cab so maybe the arroz con pollo isn’t its perfect match, but good food and good wine always can work together.

St. Francis Cab Sauv Sonoma

I can definitively say that it holds up with the Sonoma/Napa tradition of moderate tannis and a pleasing texture/aroma. I wasn’t able to pick up much in the way of oak, cherry or chocolate flavors which are more easily accessed in their higher priced bottles. Overall it isn’t a wine that I’ll make a point to buy, but it is a solid drinkable wine that I enjoyed and would gladly purchase again if it were available at a local grocery store. It added to a good meal with good food and good company which is always appreciated.

Yes, the wine went over well

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