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Other Wine Movies + A Website Upgrade

I hope you all enjoyed the review of Mondovino. In some way it made me think about what other wine movies are out there. After doing some quick research we have a short, surprisingly short list:

Sideways-A trip to the California central coast by two friends a week before one of them is set to get married. It’s the gold standard of wine movies, yes I’ve seen it, yes I like it quite a bit.

Bottle Shock-The story of the so called Judgment of Paris in 1976…this shouldn’t be a spoiler for many people, but a California Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay won in a blind tasting forever cementing Napa as a world class wine making region. Good reviews for the most part and I have a free movie rental, so I might have to check it out this weekend.
Judgment of Paris-bottle logo

A State of Vine-A look inside California’s wine industry. A little unsure about this one because their interview list leaves a little to be desired. Mario Andretti-really? I know he owns a winery, but we couldn’t get someone who actually makes a living at it? It might be worth the watch simply for the interview of Bob Foley of Pride Vineyards.

Amazingly that’s pretty much the list if we choose not to include movies that are simply set in a vineyard or movies that are more about cooking then wine like Ratatouille…..great kids movie but I digress.

Over at Uncorked Ventures we’ve made some significant improvements to the website. Most of my week is going to be spent updating our education section which is severely lacking right now. I want that to be a place that has a little something for everyone. If you’re a wine novice I’d like you to be able to see some basics about wine and wine tasting as well as learning a little about different types of grapes and the types of flavors that they can create. I know you can go and buy a book for information as well, but we’re happy to share and frankly speaking free information is always a good place to start.

I also hope to have plenty of information for the serious wine consumer. We pick up so many interesting pieces of information when talking to winemakers and winery staff that being able to put them together for everyone should contribute quite a bit to understanding why certain wines taste the way they do. In our last Napa trip we talked at some length about yeast and heard a few different takes on how to use natural yeast and the positives that come with it.

Do you have another wine movie that I left out? I’d love to hear about it! My wife and I also enjoy documentaries quite a bit, so please send those suggestions as well!

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